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All we need is an email and phone number. After you signup you will recieve password in your email withing few seconds.


Provide details on chef service

Pick date, time, address and number for people who needed to be served


Pick dishes

Pick dishes you would like chef to cook for you at your home. You can also chat with chef later to tell your preferences


Add payment

Make payment so that we can book a chef for you. We have standard price of $30/hr


Meet your chef

We will find a chef perfect for your needs. Chef will reach out to you, introduce themselves andinquire your preferences before they head over

100's of Pro Chef

  • Chef Jacquline Bruno

    Chef. Jacquline Bruno

    I have been private chef for over 25 years with expertise in Mexican, American Fusion and Italian food.

  • Chef Sandi Campos Tello

    Chef. Sandi Campos Tello

    Organized and creative chef with a passion for the culinary arts and preparing daily delectable meals. Well-versed in the appropriate handling of foods and plating arrangements.

  • Chef Sagar Suslade

    Chef. Sagar Suslade

    I am passionate about India cuisine and devoted over 15 years in creating culinary experiences for people. I have worked at some of the best restaurants in Bay area.

  • Chef Vijayaveena N Kallingal

    Chef. Vijayaveena N Kallingal

    I have been a Culinary Professional for more than 15 years and have worked as a Global Chef and as a Culinary consultant in various IT companies like Ebay, Paypal & Walmart.

Become a Chef


  • talent

    Verified and Talented Chefs

    Professional chefs, to cook in your home, carefully vetted by ChefJoy

  • Groceries

    Optional Grocery Pick-up Service

    Groceries handpicked by the chef for additional $15

  • Dinner

    Dinner for you and guests

    Food prepared for a large gathering of upto 10 people

What Kind of Food

  • Pick Dishes from many Cuisines

    Pick Dishes from many Cuisines

    We our chefs can cook any item you like across American, Indian, Italina, Thai, Chinese, Medeterrerian cuisnes.

  • Ask Chef for Ideas

    Ask Chef for Ideas

    Once we match you with a chef for a specific cuisine or occasion - they can also suggest you great menu ideas.

  • Allergen-freeCooking


    Got any specific dietary restrictions? We've got you covered

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